Some information about me.

My name is Rafael Garrido and as you will see from my LinkedIn account, I hold a master's degree in Computer Science Engineering from the University of Córdoba in Spain. Since then I have undertaken further training in some aspects such as web development (backend+frontend), mobile development and databases.
From 2012 to mid 2015 I've been employed as a software engineer at GMV in Madrid, participating in several projects in IT, telecommunications and aerospace fields. At present I'm working as a front-end developer at Stratio BD, a startup oriented to Big Data field.
I enjoy keeping up to date of new technologies and try to put into practice what I've learned. That's the aim of this website and blog. I hope you like it!

Things I Can Do

  • Develop web apps
  • Develop mobile apps
  • Work with SQL/NoSQL databases
  • Play with Linux
  • Analyze a problem
  • Make pragmatic decisions
  • Work with a team
  • Be optimistic
  • Resolve hard problems
  • Speak several languages
  • Share knowledge
  • Invest in learning
  • Code during my free time
  • Disconnect when necessary